Double H Ranch

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BSCC's commitment to this summer's hosting of the inaugural UHY LLP CPA's Albany Junior Tournament involves many tasks and is motivated by several goals. By hosting this tournament, BSCC will be nurturing The Game's growth through the participation of about one hundred boys and girls in their teens, from all over the world; it will give our club benefits such as media exposure and revenue and it allows us to choose a local charity to benefit from the event.

The Committee has chosen the Double H Ranch, a 320 acre site in Lake Luzerne, as our charity. Their local corporate sponsors include many local businesses such as Stewarts, Price Chopper and Adirondack Trust. Two BSCC AJGA Committee members visited the charity to begin the process of partnering with Double-H (Health & Happiness) Ranch and we are excited to be able to support their worthy goals.

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