• I joined Ballston Spa Country Club four years ago primarily for the great location…… I stay there for not only the great location, the great golf opportunities and the meticulously manicured course, but more importantly for the GREAT people. I joined Ballston Spa as a single and everyone there has gone out of their way to insure that I am always playing and meeting people. And now I stay there, for the great friendships I have gotten from being a member there. My experience at Ballston Spa Country Club has far exceeded my expectations, athletically and socially. I cannot say enough about the people at Ballston Spa Country Club. They are sincerely interested in making sure you enjoy not only your golf but each other at the course. All the members have welcomed me with open arms and have gone out of their way to make sure the great experience continues. One of the best features of the course is that both the men and the women have great relationships and encourage mixed play as much as possible.

    This gives everyone a chance to make sure they meet and get to know everyone. The women players and golf professionals at BSCC are the best in the area, which really gives the women members a chance to improve their play. Without a doubt, whenever

    I get a chance, I rave about Ballston Spa Country Club and encourage people to join and get involved in this experience. I sincerely believe people who currently are not members are truly missing out. It’s a unique opportunity to upgrade your golf, your friendships and your lifestyle….all in one!

    Heidi Harkins,
    Vice President The Michaels Group, Builder & Developer

  • I’ve been a member at BSCC since 1992 and have grown to love the golf course because of the way it makes you think, all the way around. The creek that is in play on over half of the holes challenges your approach shots on some holes and your tee shots on other holes. Some of the greens are very sloped, requiring you to be mindful of where the flagstick is and to do your best to leave yourself below the hole. The condition of the course has improved greatly over the time I’ve been a member, but most significantly over the last 5 or 6 years under the leadership of our Golf Course Superintendent and PGA Professional. My last round of golf this season was in mid-November and the fairways were still full and lush and the greens were smooth and fast.

    Most of all, what I love about the Ballston Spa Country Club is the scenic beauty of the golf course and the fact that many of the holes wind their way across the terrain and through the woods. The last 5 holes on the back nine have provided me with many peaceful walks along beautiful tree lined golf holes, especially in the late afternoon or early evening when the sun is lower in the sky. It’s then when the beauty of our golf course really shines. Above is a photo of #9 as I left the golf course after an afternoon described above.

    Doug Young
    Malta, NY

  • Ballston Spa Country Club has been my golf home for over 20 years. I joined partly because there were no playing restrictions based on gender or a requirement that a husband or wife decide who the primary member is. The members welcomed me with open arms and I quickly felt part of a group of individuals who, despite varying levels of ability, are clearly a family. An added benefit has been the opportunity to participate in tournaments at other area courses through membership in the Northeastern Women’s Golf Association (NEWGA). I love meeting and competing against other players in the many NEWGA events and club invitational’s in the Capital District. I can’t put a value on the lifelong friendships and memories I have made since I joined Ballston Spa CC…they are priceless.

    Susan Kahler
    Chief Health Care Management Systems Analyst, New York State Dept. of Health.

  • I joined BSCC in 1987 and have enjoyed my 26 years along with witnessing many positive changes over the years. Although our course is not very long it does present many challenges (narrow fairways and water hazards). I live less than 10 minutes away from the course so it has been very convenient for me while I was working in the village and now in retirement. The older membership has always been very receptive to play with new members and make them feel comfortable playing a new course.

    Paul Alexanian, Jr.
    Owner, Streever Agency Inc. Retired

  • I have been a member of Ballston Spa Country Club for about 35 years and have enjoyed every summer at the course. I can honestly say the golf course has practiced continuous improvement over that time period and I fully expect that it will continue on that course. We have seen regular improvements to the club house, major investment in the golf course and recruitment of excellent staff for the course, pro shop and restaurant. We have had dedicated board members and officers who have given countless hours to support and improve the organization. It truly has been a home away from home for many, many members over the decades and has fostered more friendships than one can count.

    When I first joined the golf course, we had fairway and woods, with virtually no rough. We had rainbird sprinklers for irrigation and in mid to late summer one could hit the ball and have it roll forever, of course, it didn’t necessarily roll straight! But even so, we had wonderful tournaments and camaraderie. We now have a beautifully manicured golf course with lush fairways, approach areas and greens. Our rough is well maintained, nicely defines our golf holes and presents a challenge to the player. We have our own “Amen Corner” where the goal is simply to put the ball in play off the tee and to keep it below the hole on the greens. Seems easy enough, but somehow it is not and that is the challenge that so many of us enjoy each and every time out. And we still have a varied and exciting tournament schedule that has been adapted over time and continue to enjoy the camaraderie and friendship of new and veteran members alike.

    If you are interested in a challenge for your golf game, an open and inviting group of friends and a wonderful restaurant for your relaxation, come see us at Ballston Spa Country Club. We would love to have you join us for a round of golf where you can judge for yourself.

    Kathryn Oppedisano
    Ballston Spa High School Principal, Retired